From The Desk Of Stephen C Campbell : Taken From My In Company Training & Consulting Material [with companies in over 20 countries & different marketing sectors throughout Europe, the Far East & the USA].

The Complete [nr 10 Hours] : Search Engine, Social Media & Facebook, Strategic Digital Marketing Consultative Training Program.

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Post Module Tasks

  • 01 : Introduction
  • 02 : Channel Marketing
  • 03 : Redefining The Marketing Mix
  • 04 : Content Leveraging
  • 05 : Search Engine Marketing 101
  • 06 : Social Media Marketing
  • 07 : Strategic Facebook Marketing
  • 08 : Engaging Customers Via The Company Website
  • 09 : Conclusions & Strategy Development Thoughts
  • 10 : Post Course Email Consultation

This "Consultative" Video Training course provides the missing links in terms of Connecting Digital Marketing Activities into any Top Level Business Development Strategy that would have been put together in order to attract and retain ideal customers.

All Digital Marketing Activities Must Link Back Into The Company's Core Value Proposition & Business Development Plans.

The core principle behind Stephen’s consultative approach to digital marketing training is to coach company directors, marketing management, business owners as well as work from home professionals and other entrepreneurs to adopt the mindset of looking at the internet as a[nother] channel to market.

Taking this approach we then go onto applying this to the business in question and ensuring that any ongoing digital marketing activities are in alignment with existing channels to market both in terms of promoting and advertising the products and services of the organisation as well as delivering purchases into the hands of the customer.

Social Media Search Engine Marketing Training business course

One of the [many] core value propositions of this complete digital, online, social media and facebook marketing strategy development is illustrated in the graphic below summarising how the differing tools that are available to businesses for marketing and promoting on the internet work as key components in order to enhance the top level business development strategies that have been put in place.

The Digital Marketing Mix.

In business development text books the marketing mix has long been the cornerstone of the creation and the execution of plans that connect any company’s core value proposition through to their target market customers.

Content Leveraging.

We all visit the internet in order to consume content in one form or another – considering this in terms of the effective marketing, promotion and advertising of products and services of an organisation enables us as marketing professionals and business owners to create and publish each piece of content with purpose in line with executing identified business development and core value proposition plans.

Facebook Ad. Marketing.

Within our sister Digital Marketing Agency [Capid Houser] we see so many instances where companies go to the trouble of setting up a Facebook page yet after our analysis we see that the page is either a] not connected to the business website or b] not configured as a core component of any lead generation campaign  that of coures should be in place for every copmany operating within any competitive marketplace.