Everything You Need to Create a Winning Facebook Marketing Strategy

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In the morning of June 27, 2017, Facebook hit the 2 billion user milestone.

2 billion.

To put this into perspective, if Facebook were a continent, it would be the second-largest in the world behind only Asia. This massive population is made up of every kind of person, meaning your target market is somewhere in there just waiting to be tapped on the shoulder.

Maybe you’re a business owner looking to broaden your marketing channels, or a marketer searching for some social media marketing inspiration. Either way, you’re convinced of the value Facebook marketing can bring to you.

So I’ve put together an in-depth guide to Facebook marketing strategy. We’ll cover getting started, building your fanbase, creating content, advertising, and more.

Let’s get started!

Setting Up Your Facebook Page

If you’re looking to market on Facebook, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a Facebook Page for your business. Visit the Pages hub and click the green “Create Page” button on the top right. From here, just choose your Page type and fill in some information to get started.

Facebook Page To-Do List:

Add a profile picture

Think of your profile picture as your Page’s signage – like your front window or awning. When choosing a profile picture, it’s important to select an image that’s representative of your brand. Because of this, logos tend to work best here. You want to choose an image that’s synonymous with your brand, so it’s easily recognizable and identifiable on your Fans’ news feeds.

Some quick tips:

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

Add a cover photo

If your profile picture is your Page’s face, your cover photo is its storefront. Like any retail storefront, your cover photo should be constantly changing to highlight any new promotions or products from your business. Like an effective sign, keep detailed information at your cover photo to a minimum to maximize the clarity of your promotion.

Cover photo tips:

Some great cover photo examples:


OnePlus: (This is actually a video)

Add Page information

There’s a possibility that your business’ Facebook Page may become its primary online presence (as it often does for small businesses without standalone websites), it’s your job to make sure that Page visitors can quickly and easily understand what your business is and the products you offer. Add a concise description to your Page that highlights your business’ main value proposition.

There’s also other information to add depending on your business type, including:

An example of page details, from SUGARFISH:

Getting Fans

Let me preface this section by making one thing clear: the number of Fans you have isn’t all that important. Yes, they’re great to have (for reasons I’ll explain below), but they can often be a vanity metric – and not a great way to track the success of your business online.

That being said, getting more Likes on your Facebook Page to generate Fans is a key way to measure the growth of your business (at least as it relates to social media). Let’s cover a few ways to get more Fans for your page:

Leverage existing customers

To help you build a solid foundation for your Facebook Page, consider reaching out to your current customers to get them to Like your Page. This strategy is super simple if you’ve already spent some time building a strong email list for your digital marketing efforts.

Simply send out a newsletter to your list informing them that you’ve created a Facebook Page, with a CTA to Like it so they can better stay up to date with new products and promotions. Remember, these are people who have already purchased from you or have signed up for your newsletter – they’re much more likely to respond positively to an email like this.

After this email, feel free to include a link to your Facebook Page in the footer of your future emails. This helps you promote the Page to newer subscribers, and can get other existing customers who didn’t click through your initial announcement.

In-store advertising

If you have a retail location, you can use it to your advantage to get more likes. Most stores I’ve seen put up signage near their cash register (or behind their reception, depending on the business) that urges customers to Like their Facebook Page. You can go beyond this and add your Facebook profile to other in-store materials, like your bags or receipts.

Wherever you decide to promote your Page, add a short blurb that gives customers a reason to Follow (“For the latest discounts, biggest promotions and newest products, Like us on Facebook!”). Frankly, this isn’t the most effective strategy because it’s relatively passive – there’s no real sense of urgency with an ask like this, which minimizes its impact.

Fan discounts

A more compelling, reliable way to turn people into Facebook fans is to give them some sort of incentive in exchange for Liking your page. The most direct, effective way to do this is to offer a discount (either ongoing or occasional) to your Facebook Fans. Make sure to spread this discount far and wide, promoting it to your social media profiles (including Facebook, of course), your email list, and in your retail location.

Consider updating your cover photo as well to highlight this discount, as it will immediately make Page visitors aware of your offer, increasing the chance that they’ll Like your Page. This is a strategy that’s more viable for retail businesses, as Facebook no longer allows you to “like-gate” promotions you run.

One of the best ways to generate new Facebook Fans is to run a contest. Contests are incredibly popular amongst even the biggest businesses on social media, and with good reason: they’re one of the best ways to drastically boost engagement and pull in a large number of new Facebook Fans.

Use a third-party tool like Wishpond to run a contest like a sweepstakes, photo contest or referral contest, promote it on your social channels and add a social share popup to encourage entrants to Like your Page and share the contest to their friends and family. If you’ve got the budget for it, running ads to your contest (more on Facebook Ads later) can dramatically increase the number of entrants you get.

With most third-party software, you’ll be able to run your contest inside a Facebook tab, meaning you can also add a Facebook “Like” popup to it. Though you can’t require any entrants to Like your Page, they’ll usually do so because they want to keep up to date on the contest’s status.

Content Creation

So now you have yourself a great-looking Page with a ton of info, and a couple of fans. If you really want to adopt Facebook as a marketing platform for your business, you’ll want to put together a sound content strategy that helps you share new information about your products and business with your (hopefully loyal) Facebook Fans.

There are a ton of different content types that you can use to promote your business on Facebook. Here are the most popular:

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

Now that we’ve gone over the content types, let’s look at a couple Facebook posting ideas and best practices:

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

Let’s move into pay-to-play territory.

Facebook Ads has become huge – as is expected of the only native ad platform for the nearly 2-billion user social media giant. If you decide to use them, they’ll become an incredibly important part of your Facebook marketing strategy.

Why? They’re incredibly powerful when compared to traditional posts. They’re not nearly as volatile, due to their ability to bypass the news feed’s generally unpredictable algorithm. Ads are also awesome because Facebook allows you to choose an incredibly precise ad audience – this lets you market to a specific population with characteristics you choose.

Long story short? Facebook Ads can be a game-changer for your business, if they’re used correctly.

There are a ton of Facebook Ad guides out there, so I’ll focus on a few ad best practices:

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

Wrapping It Up

If you’ve covered all of the above and put it into place – congratulations! You’ve successfully created a Facebook marketing strategy and made it a formidable part of your marketing funnel.

If this is your first foray into Facebook, you’ll find that the next few weeks (or months, or even years) will be full of learning – from both your victories and your mistakes. Continue to look for new strategies and refine the ones you’re already using.

Keep in mind, however, that this just a piece of the puzzle. If you want to drive real results – you know, money – through Facebook marketing, it’s imperative you optimize the other parts of your funnel, whether they’re landing pages, e-commerce pages, or sales calls with your employees… but that’s another discussion entirely.

Hopefully, this guide has given you an in-depth look into building a strong Facebook marketing strategy. Questions? Ask me in the comments below!

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