Facebook marketing cheat sheet

by digital marketing content expert

If your marketing involves a variety of mediums from articles to pictures and even video, Facebook is the ideal platform for you. However, marketing each medium and for individual industry might differ. Here are some of the cheat sheets we have gathered thus far.

Word, Pictures, Video

After you mastered article, infographics and video, then you can rule the world!

In order to do well on Facebook itself, posting daily is your best bet. This is mainly because we will check facebook around 3-4 times a day and fans who have liked your page would at least love to see 1 update from you daily or else you will simply keep falling down their news feed and that means lesser attention on your brand. However, going all in on 1 medium is a dangerous affair so the idea is to only create a different medium for a content that does exceptionally well. Article marketing is by far the cheapest and most beneficial due to its SEO properties in creating your credibility online. Once an article do take off, change it into a infographic for easier content digestion and if that does well too, then move to add emotions into the article and turn it into a video. It is also more justifiable for your superior to see escalation for the content when it is doing well.

Golden hour

Upload in the morning sweet spot to take advantage of visibility throughout the day

To expose most or all of your fans to the content you create daily, it is key to be posting at key timings. However, the fallacy is to only post where you get the most amount of views at a certain period of the day. Unfortunately, that could do your brand more harm than justice. Take for instance our Facebook Page. We get most of our fans during 8-10pm. If we were to launch during that time, the views from the rest of the day will disappear mainly because our demographics are in Singapore and Malaysia and nocturnal time is from 10pm to 8am. Our article will then fall through the cracks to oblivion and lose the other 40% of our viewers from 8am to 8pm for all our medium; not a very clever thing to do. We arrived with the best time being 8am due to the morning rush hour and releasing earlier at 7 will result in no engagement to your first tier of fans at 8am, making it disappear below the news feed as well. 9am isn’t ideal due to the starting time for most office workers and our target audience.

Buy ads only for the superstar

If only it was this simple

Every once in a while, a content will become highly sought after, be it our plans or not. This means that since our small pool of fans actually love this piece, introducing it to a bigger base will have a multiplier effect to it. However, the mistake most marketers make is that they buy post from the start to boost the visibility, resulting in poorly engaged post as well as raising the tide for average or poor content as well (as much as we wish all content we create is on point, not all are).


Hopefully your content don’t look like this

In this fast paced world we live in, it is not only important to create evergreen editorial post but also create relevant content that is trending for that time. It shows relevance and how connected we are to the news of the world and leveraging on the keywords spikes that more people will search that day. However, be aware of which article are classified as trend riding pieces and don’t be too quick to boost those post because of the high numbers as well. The sudden spike in the keywords for that article will most likely not stay for the next time when your “boosted post” is pushed onto the limelight. This will result in you getting unnecessary heartache when you see the “boosted post” results in less than expected results.

Always boost from the low tier

Do it like a Pyramid, start with the lowest tier first

When it comes to boosting, always take the cheapest option (or the smallest pool). The reason for doing so is because it allows you to maintain consistency which makes tracking easier. The other reason is to gradually grow the appetite for the well liked post to more people only when your aspiration and the current results line up in sync with each other. This is responsible media buying even though it could take a while to get there.

Buy ad for your page

This should be the most seen ad for your target audience

In order to see consistent growth and serve a bigger market, buy ads for your page instead of for your post. People who are keen to learn more about your brand will like your page first, converting them to your potential 1st tier customers you can speak to. The bigger this 1st tier customer is, the better sense you will get for what content works and what content does not. Buying ads for your page also allows your company to become more visible to your target audience and prolonged exposure will help you convert the toughest thing a customer can do in the digital age, subscribe to your update by liking your page.

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