🥇 Facebook Marketing: How to succeed on this social network

by digital marketing content expert

Plan your Facebook strategy

Now that you have created your Facebook Page for your business, it’s the moment to start designing your marketing strategy on this social network.

1️⃣ First step: Competitor analysis

What are your competitors doing on this social network and how?

Analyzing your competitors closely doesn’t mean copying them, rather extracting valuable information about what works for them and what doesn’t.

2️⃣ Second step: Define your objectives

After having analyzed your competitors, you must stop to thoroughly think about the objectives you want to reach with your Facebook marketing strategy.

These objectives are the ones that will allow you to keep growing and reach the visibility that you were looking for.

Once you have thought about your targets, it’s time to give some shape to your strategy…

3️⃣ Third step: Optimize your page with your objectives in mind

👉 Personalize and optimize your account

      Your brand image on Facebook is vital.

👉 Talk to the public which will help you achieve your objectives

One of your objectives should be choosing your ideal target audience.

A public that will become advocates of your brand and will buy, recommend and enjoy your products or services.

👉 Design the content that you are going to publish on your page

You should establish your content plan with at least one month in advance, oriented towards your ideal customer and the targets that you want to achieve. It will allow you to work with planning and without unnecessary stress.

Decide the content to post

You must know that you have to be constant and active if you want your Facebook marketing to thrive. This means to publish daily or even several times a day, reply to all the comments you receive, etc.

Besides, it’s important to vary the type of content on social media to avoid boring your followers and increase

Photos and videos

After the texts, photos and videos are essential parts of your content to boost interactions.

✅ They capture the attention of users.

✅ They encourage users to share your content.

Before you start publishing without rhyme or reason, you must know the image and video’s dimensions supported by each social network. Otherwise, your content could be cut-off, pixelated or might not even display at all. Take care of your image as you might not be able to give that crucial first impression.

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