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With the current state of the global economy [this post is being written right in the heart of the global pandemic] we see that many large companies are having to “let go” of employees as the to be long lasting economic effect is starting to take hold. Now, as more and more people with high quality skills find themselves out of work and with a corresponding lack of jobs to fill the needs of all of those highly skilled workers we are seeing a trend continue which means that more and more people are choosing to set up their own work from home business operations.

So what are some of the [many] things that attention will need to be paid to with the context of the business operations if the small business owner and entrepreneur is to make a success out of their company ? The assumption will be made that the product or service offerings have been correctly defined along with making sure that the company owners have an in depth understanding regarding with respect to the identity of the target market customers who will ultimately be the ones who will be making purchases and therefore generating revenues for the business.

So with that rather basic discussion of the business requisites out of the way that leaves us with the matter of how do we in fact get the customer to know about that which we have to offer. And that is where the marketing professionals start to think about attend a digital marketing training course so that they themselves can expand the digital marketing footprint of the company operations and focus on getting to grips with how to market a business on the internet or so that they will be armed with the necessary knowledge that will put them in a position to direct others to do so.

In today’s technology enabled world there is a need to make full use of search engine marketing as well as that of what are termed social media marketing channels through which to communicate with the customer. Social media marketing business strategies are covered fully within the digital marketing footprint training course for companies but for the purpose of these discussions we will be focusing on the topic of how to market a business using search engine marketing strategies based around content information marketing and being of service to the customer in advance by providing excellence; this in turn moves on to developing and executing lead generating plans which lead customers through a digital funnel seeing them ending up as paying customers.

for the purpose of these discussions we would encourage any marketing professional or business owner to focus on content marketing using Web 2.0 sites such as Medium, Blogger & Weebly.

What we mean by this is that in order to promote and advertise the business in question – the work from home entrepreneurs should put time and effort into creating and publishing content that reside on these high traffic internet portals which are guaranteed to receive an order of magnitude more visitors and traffic than the company can ever hope to.

The top level explanation of this mode of developing the digital marketing footprint and work from home search engine marketing strategies is to direct real visitors as well as robots and spiders from these popular portals back through to the company website. The main way that this will be accomplished is through the use of contextual linking i.e. using product and service specific keywords that users may click on and end up on the company website or that the search engine robots will follow and in turn give credit to the website which in turn will culminate in positive effects in terms of the ranking of the business website for given search phrases that relate to the company brand and/or the products and services that are being sold into the marketplace.

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