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As we continue to move and operate within an internet connected world in which we operate our lives in terms of looking for a date; deciding which vacations to take and when it comes to purchasing products and services for our personal use and consumption as well as for business use – the case for any company owner, marketing professional, entrepreneur or work from home individual to at least possess core digital marketing skills is clear.

Amongst the topics we will cover in this brief discussion – we would like to raise on particular aspect which is that of …

mistakes business owners make in isolating internet marketing activities

… from their core business development plans. And when this mistake is made the effectiveness of specific social media as well as search engine execution steps are seen to not be as effective as they otherwise would or could be if the time were taken up front to ensure any ongoing business development plans were laid out before hand and then the digital marketing strategies integrated into these plans – as opposed to going ahead with social media and SEM execution standalone.

So before we move on let’s briefly address business development strategy development and execution. For the purpose of this article business owners should make sure that they adequately define the characteristics of their ideal client. Next wherever within the marketplace [in terms of category marketing] the goods and services fit …..

this can be in terms of the pricing, the sales cycle time and the frequency of re-purchase.

The strategy aspect of Channel Marketing is something that we advize should be mapped out clearly before diving into internet marketing aspects such as email, video, bookmarking, content article, linking, analytics and other digital marketing fundamentals.

Digital Marketing Training

So let's talk about digital marketing training

Or in other words – the act of business owners, entrepreneurs and other marketing professionals getting skilled up in the field of how to effectively promote, advertise and connect their company’s products and services to the desired end user customers using the various connecting paths that the internet provides.

So what are some of the connective paths that lead from the company and end up at the end user customer that the internet provides ? In broad terms we we like to split these connective paths into two main streams …

The two main digital marketing connective paths are that of search engine and social media

In general we term Search Engine Marketing in the field of permission based as we base this around content marketing and on the specific keywords that target market customers are seen to be typing into the search engines.

Executing quality SEO practices mean customers will find the company website directly through they keywords they use

And with that said this is where learning more about how to develop and publish relevant content that is based on the principles of keyword research and marketing analysis on a consultative basis comes into play.

Stephen C Campbell

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