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Here's a Little More About What You Are Getting

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The Digital Marketing Footprint ...

… Video based training programme has been developed directly from the material that I have used personally when delivering strategic digital marketing consulting and training with …

…  major corporations, small and medium enterprise organisations, work from home entrepeneurs and business development executives.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Marketing

Digital Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Here's a Little More About What You Are Getting

The agenda has been based upon the fundamentals that major corporations focus upon as they look to use the internet and that of digital & online marketing as a core component of Lead Generation, Branding Building and the Promotion & Advertising of key products and services.

Here is an opportunity to make use of the same business development fundamentals that have been used with major corporations within your particular business operation whilst studying at your own pace.

Strategic Facebook Marketing

Multi Channel Marketing

Strategic Social Media

Digital Marketing Overview

Structured Search Engine & Social Media Marketing Business Development Consulting Agenda

With Post Module Tasks

Expand Your Business Operations & Overall Visibility On The Internet

The Digital Marketing Footprint video training is a self paced option that can be used to use the internet to build a business.




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